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Haunted Columbus: The Schwartz Castle situation

Haunted Columbus: The Schwartz Castle situation

614now Staff

Highball Halloween is behind us but the fights and delights of Halloween lie ahead—some even closer than you think.

The Schwartz Castle on 3rd Street in German Village was home to Frederick Schwartz, a young apothecary shop owner who built the house for his young bride-to-be. Just as the house remains a staple of Columbus after over 200 years, Mr. Schwartz has remained a part of Columbus society–beyond his demise. The 614NOW haunting at Schwartz Castle goes a bit like this…

Frederick Schwartz’s hand shook has he read the words his fiancé had written him.

She called off the wedding.

He sat alone in the massive castle he built for her, and he slipped slowly into madness.

From that day on, Mr. Schwartz ceased shaving, eating meat, and wearing shoes. On sunny days, he would climb the ladder up to the huge windowed turret and soak up the sun in the nude, sipping glasses of rain water.

Frederick also added five levels of basement and underground passageways to his home following his breakup. Maybe to reach new levels of the earth or to continue practicing his trade of apothecary–or maybe something much more sinister.

No explanation of his unorthodox behavior exists, but whatever Frederick was trying to achieve in this life was not accomplished before his death.

His castle has since been converted into offices and condos but Mr. Schwartz can still be seen nakedly climbing the ladder towards his rooftop and wandering his passageways below our feet.

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