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Columbus-based food concept brings world to your door

Columbus-based food concept brings world to your door

614now Staff

Restaurants and Uber Eats are toast. Source of burning: Porttion. This chef-prepared, globally-inspired meal prep and delivery service is your one-stop shop for healthy meals for a day, a week, or all month. You know what that means? No more getting up 20 minutes early to pack your lunch or burning dinner on your first date.

Tania Lehotay is the mastermind behind Porttion. Her inspiration came after she returned to Columbus from San Diego. She missed all the southern California food and wanted to fill the void plus make it healthier and more accessible for busy people.

“I created CLEAN global fusion recipes…combining my love for Guamanian, Asian, Mexican, Hawaiian, and Californian foods,” said Lehotay. “In doing so, I realized that even though I was ‘eating clean,’ the path to optimal wellness on my journey came down to portion size. Hence, the idea of Porttion was born!”

All you have to do is visit their website, peruse through the menu for that week, and order as many breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner items as you’d like. If you order on Saturday, all the food will be delivered to your doorstep on Sunday. Visit Porttion’s Facebook page for examples of weekly menus.

You can also grab Porttion food at Mesh Fitness and Bubbles Tea and Juice Company locations with their new Grab-n-Go program.

Right now, we have Porttion all to ourselves but it’ll soon be available in other cities. Also keep an eye out for their family plans and kids meals coming soon!

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