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Columbus is first to sip new Tim Hortons javas

Columbus is first to sip new Tim Hortons javas

614now Staff

Calling all Tim Hortons fanatics, make way for a new espresso line debut in this great city. Tim Horton’s announced earlier today that they were releasing a new series of Espressos, Lattes, Americanos and Cappuccinos. As reported by Business Wire the new line will include a variety of flavors and can be served both hot and iced.

As with most of beverages from the Canadian brand, the new beverages iare fairly place with the smallest size starting at 2.29. Going outside of Ohio for the holidays, but still want to try the beverage? Tim Horton’s is set to release the espresso line throughout the rest of the U.S. for the rest of 2017.

This is just the beginning of releases for the company, who is slated to also include a set of holiday drinks such as Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Cinnabon® Iced Capp® and Cinnabon® Latte. Pair the holiday drink with a treat with Chocolate Brownies, Red Velvet Muffins as well as Gingerbread Donuts and Timbits®.

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