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Corso Ventures bringing rotating restaurant development to Short North

Corso Ventures bringing rotating restaurant development to Short North

614now Staff

From the folks that brought us Pint House, Forno, and Standard Hall, comes a brand new dining experience.

Corso Ventures recently proposed a two-story restaurant and bar concept at 1112 N High St. to the Italian Village Commission. But the Commission isn’t stewing over any old bar/restaurant development; Food Hall is going to bring something completely new to the Columbus table.


The latest from Corso Ventures will feature four mini kitchens, a large rooftop patio, and a bar. It will be similar to North Market in the way that it will offer multiple options for food but it will have a twist.

Food Hall will have the ability to host regularly rotating pop-up kitchens, celebrity chefs, food truck owners, other restaurant operators, and even exclusive Food Hall menu items so that each visit to the establishment will be a new experience.

It’ll be set up food court-style with the kitchens circling a large seating area. Guests will be able to order from all four restaurants walk-up style or order from their table via a mobile app.

The bar will be a focal point of the joint along with the food.

“One thing lacking with food hall concepts in other cities is a great bar aspect,” said Reed Woogerd, director of operations at Corso Ventures. “We’re going to do what we do best which is provide a great bar program with great craft cocktails.”

 The rooftop vantage point will provide customers with a year-round opportunity to enjoy great food and drinks while also getting a view of the neighborhood. 

Ultimately what Corso Ventures is trying to do is add some life and flavor to the area.

“We have been hearing people refer to this area as the HiFi area or the HiFi district (meaning High & 5th),” said Woogerd. “Not sure if that name will stick, but we are excited to be growing in this neighborhood!”

If Corso Ventures’ proposal is approved construction will start in the following nine months. Food Hall will take 3-4 months to complete so the tentative open date is late 2018.



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