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Free pizza alert: GoreMade Pizza turns 1

Free pizza alert: GoreMade Pizza turns 1

614now Staff

The pizza is free, no strings attached. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? GoreMade Pizza, next to Little Rock Bar on North Fourth Street, is turning one on September 27 and you’re invited to the party.

Not only are they giving everyone who walks through the door free ‘za, they’re also throwing a Christmas bash (101 days until the big man with the bag shows up). There will be live Christmas music being played, holiday-themed cocktails, and the whole nine yards of decorations.

They’re not expecting anything in return but if you’re struck by Christmas cheer, you’re more than welcome to donate to Urban Farms of Central Ohio who teamed up with GoreMade for the event.

Free pizza and celebrating the holiday season when it’s still 70 degrees…This is the most wonderful time of the year.


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