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Ray Ray’s gets a brand new hog pit

Ray Ray’s gets a brand new hog pit

614now Staff

James Anderson of Ray Ray’s Hog Pit isn’t in a big hurry to smoke his meats or to expand out of his food truck behind Ace of Cups. Until now.

Finally, Ray Ray’s fans now have a second option to get their hands, arms, cheeks, chins, and pretty much every other body party onto some saucy grub. Their new barbecue shack at 5755 Maxtown Rd. in Westerville will be up and smoking tomorrow at 11am. They’ll be open 11am- 8pm Tuesday through Sunday.

The facility isn’t much to talk about– it’s pretty much a glorified shed near a Home Depot. But real BBQ lovers won’t bat an eye. Anderson is focused more than ever on delivering quality food to his customers and his mission will not go unfulfilled with his new endeavor.

Walk up, drive-thru, have a picnic table seat, friends, to enjoy Ray Ray’s new hog pit.

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Read more about the expansion here.


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