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Officer Rosen canned for kicking suspect in the head

Officer Rosen canned for kicking suspect in the head

614now Staff

For those of you who were displeased with the Chief’s suggested 24 hour suspension for the CPD officer caught on camera kicking a suspect in the head while on the ground, you’ll be pleased to know he has been terminated.

Officer Zachary Rosen appeared in front of the Department of Public Safety on June 29 and was found to have violated Rule of Conduct 1.19, “Use of Force.”

It reads,

“It is well established that police officers may use force to effect an arrest, to defend themselves, or to defend others. An officer should not desist from any official duty merely because resistance is offered. Police officers shall not use more force than is reasonable in a particular incident.”

The Department of Public safety decided that on April 8, 2017 when the video was captured, Officer Rosen used “unreasonable force” when he struck the suspect, Demarko Anderson, with his foot. Thus, Officer Rosen will hereby be known only as Zachary Rosen.


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