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Short North Gets Fishier with New Hai Poké Location

Short North Gets Fishier with New Hai Poké Location

614now Staff

And the Poké trend continues — Hai Poké has announced they’re plopping into a home of their own at 647 N. High St. in the Short North.

Starting as a pop-up, co-founder Mico Cordero has been putting things in a bowl since 2015, when he and Nile Woodson began selling Hawaiian-style rice bowls topped with sushi-grade raw fish, seaweed, vegetables and some crispy, crunchy wonton things.

So, if you’re looking to go this summer when they open, what can you expect? Well, the spot is where a few businesses have been, most notably A Gal Named Cinda Lou — the space is small, only around 500-square-feet and seat around 15, but it’ll share a patio space with 20 more seats next to the First Community Bank.

More items will be coming to the menu according to Bizjournals — including Kale, brown rice and greens as an #altfood to the white rice.

There will also be something called Poké nachos — which sounds pretty self-explanatory.


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