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Ohio Ice Cream with Insane 6% ABV Coming Soon?

Ohio Ice Cream with Insane 6% ABV Coming Soon?

614now Staff

House Bill 23 is going to break a lot of hearts. Why? It permits liquor manufacturers to make and sell ice cream containing between 0.5 percent and 6 percent alcohol by volume.

6 percent alcohol by volume

Yes, that is not a joke — and it is all thanks to two ice cream shop owners from Conneaut, Joe and Christine Ericksen for whom the legislation was written.

“It started with a trip down to bourbon country (Kentucky),” Joe Ericksen said. “We had some bourbon ball ice cream that was really kind of awful. We realized that part of the problem is the flavoring. Instead of using bourbon, it had a chemical taste from bourbon extract. So we made some up with actual bourbon and found out that it actually makes a really good ice cream,” they said to The Dispatch.

So current law pretty much allows alcoholic ice cream to exist but you can’t make and sell it; you’ve got to pick one — but under the proposed bill — distilleries and bars could do both.

The most well known alcoholic ice cream is Jeni’s Whiskey Pecan, but even with that distinct taste it barely topped out at 0.5%

To read more about how a pint of 6% abv ice cream could actually get you drunk, but not before making you feel like total trash — click here.


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