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Judy Malinowski’s former boyfriend could get death sentence

Judy Malinowski’s former boyfriend could get death sentence

614now Staff

Update: The Franklin County Prosecutor will pursue a death penalty for the man responsible for lighting fire to and killing Judy Malinowski. Michael Slager was previously serving an 11 year sentence for the assault but since Malinowski died from her injuries nearly two years after the attack, he is now facing aggravated murder charges.

09/22/2017: Judy Malinowski’s death has officially been ruled a homicide, meaning the Franklin County Prosecutor will press forward with aggravated murder charges against her ex-boyfriend.

One month before she passed away, Judy recorded a testimonial from her hospital bed. No word on if this will be able to be used in court.

In 2015, Judy’s then boyfriend Michael Slager doused Judy in gasoline and set her on fire. He is serving 11 years and still claims the incident was an accident, reports NBC4i.

“While he got 11 years, my mom, my sister and I all got a life sentence,” wrote Malinowski’s 13-year-old daughter following her mother’s death.


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