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CPD sued for repeatedly mishandling black suspects

CPD sued for repeatedly mishandling black suspects

614now Staff

A federal lawsuit filed against the CPD on Sunday claims cops have continued to use excessive force against black residents nearly 20 years after the government sued with similar allegations, reports NBC4i.

This new lawsuit stems from Timothy Davis’ aggressive arrest in a convenience store at the beginning of September. One arresting officer was relieved of his duties due to how he handled himself during the arrest.

Watch and read about it here.

The civil rights complaint filed on behalf of Davis also claims the CPD fails to properly train, supervise, monitor, and discipline officers who use excessive force, according to NBC4i.

Seventeen years ago, a similar case was made against Columbus Police for misconduct against African-American civilians.

A police department spokesperson released this statement about the lawsuit:


“Our officers are sworn to protect and serve, not to protect and serve those of a particular race, ethnic background, or socioeconomic status.”


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