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Fit614: Wanna try a new type of bar?

Fit614: Wanna try a new type of bar?

614now Staff

By Kaitlin Perfect

There’s a hot new bar that has taken Columbus by pedal…

CycleBar is described as “Premium Indoor Cycling” and when they refer to themselves as “premium” they are giving you everything you want and more.

I scheduled my Saturday morning 9am cycling class a week ahead of time and when the day arrived, I was dreading waking up to go workout. Why in the world would I schedule a workout on Saturday morning?!

After dragging myself out of bed and heading to CycleBar in Powell, I became instantly awake when I walked through the doors. The girl at the front desk was super friendly. She helped me check in, find where my bike would be, and get a complimentary water bottle. She even gave me special cycling shoes to wear during class — this was new for me because the other times I’ve done cycling I’ve never had to wear these.

Being in class at CycleBar is like a completely different world. I jammed out to OSU Football themed music while experiencing different speeds, hills, and strength exercises. This class left me sweaty, energized, and ready to take on the rest of the day!

If you love cycling and haven’t had a chance to check out CycleBar then I definitely recommend it. Your first class is FREE! If one class isn’t enough for you, enter below to win a free month of unlimited cycling!


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