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#Fit614: Work obliques, splatter your friends

#Fit614: Work obliques, splatter your friends

614now Staff

All that really matters is splattering the hell out of your buddies until the original colors of their clothing are indistinguishable…But have you ever considered paintballing a workout?

If you haven’t, you’re mistaken.

“Paintball requires a lot of different movements that even guys and girls in really good shape aren’t used to,” said Dave Pando, owner of LVL UP Sports. “If you wear a Fitbit while playing paintball, you’ll rack up the steps for sure.”

Between dodging, shooting, and hoisting your weapon into firing position, it’s really a full-body workout.

“Depending on what type of player you are it can be a LOT of cardio, too,” explained Pando.

He just celebrated his brainchild’s first birthday and is elated his park is able to provide people equal amounts exercise and fun.

For first timers, Pando suggests, “trying to paint up as many people as you can throughout the day.” He wants all participants to experience the adrenalin rush playing paintball can provide and hiding in a corner isn’t the way to do it.

“I always encourage people to be aggressive, make big moves, and try to rack up as many splats on the other team as you can.”

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