New healing sanctuary breathes life into body and mind

By Regina Fox

You know when you travel with a bunch of jewelry and when you arrive at your destination, your once well organized accessories are now an indistinguishable mangled mess? That’s how my back was when I walked into The Muscle Whisper. Two and a half hours later, I left feeling 5 years younger and indescribably peaceful.

The Muscle Whisper is a therapeutic massage and Reiki practice on the corner of Morse Rd and Indianola Ave. Kayla Scites is the owner who brought with her over eight years of experience in massage therapy and chiropractics. She alongside Reiki Master Jacqueline Louviere have been brining peace, relaxation, and serenity to Columbus for less than two months.

Though Muscle Whisperer is a new player in town, nothing about my experience there felt unestablished.

“It’s going to feel like a balloon deflating,” Kayla said about kneading out the twisted muscles fibers in my back. And it really did.

Between the natural ambient music, the low light of her purple painted room (“I’ve always wanted to work out of a purple room,” she said), the pleasant smell of the lotion, and Kayla’s firm, yet relaxing pressure, my body was pudding once Kayla was through.

Reiki is a whole different ballgame. Rather than healing with touch, Reiki is a primarily hands-off holistic energy treatment designed to help you focus. I’m an avid lucid dreamer and while I compare the two, Reiki is a far more concentrated version of the phenomenon. It’s a very personal experience so I suggest you give it a try for yourself instead of hearing me stammering on.

The Muscle Whisperer is a quaint little studio at 700 Morse Rd. yet the services they provide feel so large. What do you say, do you want Muscle Whisperer to breathe some life into you?


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