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OSU won’t go after Jon Water’s wallet

OSU won’t go after Jon Water’s wallet

614now Staff

Ohio State University has nearly $1.6 million wrapped up in the legal matters surrounding the firing of former director of TBDBITL, Jonathan Waters.

Waters lost two suits he filed against OSU for defamation and gender discrimination but the university has opted to go easy on him. Instead of going after Waters for all the costs they were forced to accrue from him suing (and losing), OSU granted him financial amnesty in exchange for him pinky promising not to sue for his firing. This was all explained on the agreement signed by both parties in December stating Waters agreed “not to file any charges, claims, suits, complaints or grievances” against Ohio State about his firing “or with respect to any other matter whatsoever.”

But Waters still racked up a pretty hefty bill from his own legal fees. His tab weighed in at $500,000 which is over three times what he was making per year as the Ohio State band director.

If you need a little refresher, Waters was fired back in 2014 after the university investigated some potential sexual misconduct. It turned out that the sexual nicknames the members used,certain parody songs, and other ritual cultivated a “sexualized culture” not to be tolerated by Ohio State.”

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