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One Pride protestor held on $200,000 bond

One Pride protestor held on $200,000 bond

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Update 3:50pm: The #BlackPride4 protestor accused of jumping on a cops back in an attempt to disarm her is now held on a $200,000 bond. Deandre Miles was arrested for aggravated robbery, resisting arrest, failure to comply and disorderly conduct.

Three other people were arrested released on bail. All four were scheduled for court appearances today but all but Miles had their case pushed back until July.

06/19/2017 9:34am: Four protestors were arrested at the Columbus Pride Parade on Saturday. A demonstration took place today to call for the release of one.

The foursome were part of a human chain blocking the route of the Pride parade. The group, linked arm to arm, were protesting the acquittal of the Minnesota cop that killed a black man, Pilando Castile, last year. They wanted to hold a seven-minute span of silence for Castile.

The group’s other objective was to “raise awareness about the violence against and erasure of Black and brown queer and trans people, in particular the lack of space for Black and brown people at pride festivals and the 14 trans women of color who have already been murdered this year,” according to Black Queer & Intersectional Columbus.

Four of the human chain links were cuffed for resisting when officers tried moving them out of the way. They are being referred to on social media as #BlackPride4.

This morning, a demonstration by Black Queer & Intersectional Columbus took place outside the Franklin County Municipal Courthouse to call for the release of one of the four arrestees. Deandre Miles reportedly jumped on an officer’s back in an attempt to disarm her while she was arresting another protestor. Miles was arrested for aggravated robbery, resisting arrest, failure to comply, and disorderly conduct.

The organizers of the demonstration also demand that the charges on all four people arrested at the Pride parade be dropped and that an investigation of the CPD using “excessive force against peaceful demonstrators” be conducted.

See the demonstration press release and the Free Deandre of the #BlackPride4 Facebook page for more information on the demonstration.

The other three protestors–Kendall Denton, Ashley Braxton, and Micah Jones– were released from jail on bail. All four are scheduled to appear in court today.

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