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#Drink614: Land-Grant teams up with soccer rivals for beer series

#Drink614: Land-Grant teams up with soccer rivals for beer series

614now Staff

For the mutual love of the beautiful game known (by everyone except us) as fútbol, Land-Grant has teamed up with breweries from Dallas and Kansas City to roll out beers ahead of Crew SC matches against the same cities.

They call it the Supporter Series.

It’s like a sportsmanship gesture; Land-Grant makes good with the rivalry breweries and then our boys in black and yellow knock ball after ball in their net.

We dig it.

“We created Glory American Wheat—and subsequently, For Columbus Black Lager—as beers brewed specifically for Columbus supporters and their pre and mid-match rituals.” says Land-Grant Co-Founder and President, Adam Benner in a blog post. “ We knew that we weren’t the only brewery out there with a passion for soccer, and thought it could be fun to bring rival sides together over well crafted beer.”

It will launch today with Matchday American Pale Ale to gear up for the Crew match vs Dallas on August 26. Land-Grant teamed up with Texas’ Peticolas Brewing for this one. You can get a pint or can of Matchday when the brewery opens today at 3:30pm.

On deck is Stoppage Time Hoppy Saison brewed in cooperation with Boulevard Brewing Company. This will debut on August 27 ahead of the Crew’s match against KC on September 10.

Both beers will be available at Mapfre Stadium on their respective match days.

Support the Supporter Series brews with a six pack for $9.99.








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