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Expect loads of naked protesters riding bikes this Saturday

Expect loads of naked protesters riding bikes this Saturday

614now Staff

Hundreds of half naked people will bike, bare-assed, into the night to fight for causes they believe in this Saturday. So if you’re out driving around town between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m., staring down a bunch of fleshy cheeks bobbing on their bike seats, it’s because of the 8th Annual World Naked Bike Ride Columbus.

People participating in the 10 mile trek will be protesting for three causes:

  1. The vulnerability of cyclists to automobiles
  2. Our dependence on oil
  3. Body shaming

Although the exact path of the ride has not been disclosed, The World Naked Bike Ride Facebook page assures it will be *very* close to downtown.

The policy is “bare as you dare” so nudity is cool. As far as being topless goes, you’ve got the legal green light. Just keep in mind that flaunting your “private parts” in Ohio is actually illegal. Women are suggested to wear merkins (we hear they’re making a comeback) and men to wear a sock.

We’re talking a lot about body parts and lack of clothing but the Facebook page states clearly, “Anyone who thinks they are attending an orgy will be SERIOUSLY disappointed.”

All people-powered modes of transportation are welcome: bikes, skates, rollerblades, running, etc.

Keep an eye on the events page for the launch spot as well as the location for the after-party.


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