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Local yoga studio for large bodies nama-gone

Local yoga studio for large bodies nama-gone

614now Staff

A yoga studio made by and for large bodies near the downtown Topiary Park has closed up shop. Yoga Enlarged was owned by Angie Never, a yoga and Tribal Bellydance Instructor. She opened the practice when she noticed a void in yoga offerings that weren’t strictly for fitness. 

“It’s hard to really make people understand the kinds of difficulties fat people face when we try to participate in spaces and practices designed for and hosted by thinner bodies,” said Never. “Butts, bellies, and boobs have to be negotiated with in almost every pose, and it’s a blessing to be in the room with teachers and students who can talk openly about those negotiations and who are making them themselves.”

The classes were full and Never assured that she made plenty of money with the business in a detailed press release. But there was an aspect of being an owner and operator that was eating away at Never. That aspect led her to roll up Yoga Enlarged for good.

“The hours I spent with my yoga books and on my mat didn’t matter, but the hours I spent on Instagram did,” said never.

Never would work tirelessly trying to find just the right quote to superimpose over an artsy photo in order to turn followers into customers. She said teaching her pupils was the highlight of every week but she just couldn’t jive with the “hustle” of the gig.

Never alongside her Yoga Enlarged yogis bended it out one last time on July 30.

Moving forward, Never will be teaching a class called “Yoga for Every Body” every Sunday at It Looks Like It’s Open in Clintonville. She will continue to carry the spirit of Yoga Enlarged with her everywhere her mat travels.

“At Yoga Enlarged, while we continued to represent a diversity of sizes and weight distribution, we all had the sense of being in the same boat and being committed to rowing it,” said Never.



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