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Howlin’ For You

Howlin’ For You

614now Staff

A funny thing happened along the way to one of the city’s best rock and roll clubs also becoming homebase for Columbus’s most popular dance parties.

We stopped dancing to rock and roll.

Just down the street, the team at Clampdown put the four on the floor when it came to an anything goes dance party, and for those trying to shuffle their boots to something other than retro soul and funk and hip-hop, the end of their Ravari Room run retired that notion.

Until now.

Former Clampdown DJ Donnie Mossman—and his Damn Girl cohort Ashley—are aiming to uncross your arms and move your ass this month with their launch of Howlin,’ a direct sequel to Clampdown’s embrace of alt-indie rock’s danceability. Before we get all sweaty on August 24, we wanted to get a sneak peek at the potential playlist:

Donnie Mossman

LCD Soundsystem “Home”
LCD Soundsystem has always reminded me of Talking Heads, both have a hypnotic quality to their songs that pulls you in as well as fun yell-along lyrics that to me feel meaningful. This track just drives the whole way through with great use of percussion and has a really nice wash of vocal choir harmonies in the chorus.

Sweet “Ballroom Blitz”
This song is a classic that I first heard as a kid performed by Crucial Taunt in the movie Wayne’s World; turns out the original by Sweet rocks hard. A little theatrical, super high-energy, and a really fun song all around.

The Rapture “Woo! Alright – Yeah…Uh Huh”
This one has always been a favorite. The build in the beginning with the big boom of the first bass notes is killer and I love that it’s a highly danceable song about how people don’t like to dance anymore.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Date With The Night”
Something about this song makes me want to spike my beer on the floor and freak out. It’s so hyped up and has such a raunchy primal kinda groove.

Eagles of Death Metal “Stuck in the Metal”

When EODM covered “Stuck In The Middle” by Stealers Wheel they put a rusty edge on it. The song cuts and is very infectious.

Ashley “Jaz” Perry

Deceptacon “Le Tigre”

Great song to scream and dance to! It makes me jump and flip my hair around everytime I play it. Also Le Tigre is a great feminist band and I love hearing badass babe vocals.

T.V. on the Radio “Wolf Like Me”

This song is another political movement for me. The band was started by five black dudes that didn’t let social norms tell them how black men should act or what they should listen to.

“Wolf Like Me” is a song that makes me feel super sexual but also makes me want jump around and break a bunch of dishes.

Cut Copy “Lights & Music”

To me it’s simple! Lights and music are a great recipe for a good time. This song is upbeat with minimal lyrics but the beat makes my body move everytime I hear it.

Hot Chip “Ready for the Floor”

Definitely a sentimental song for me. This song jump-started a lifelong friendship with one of my besties who lives in Chicago. It’s repetitive lyrics and beat are contagious! This song brings feelings of joy and love to my body and I’m literally always ready for the dance floor.

Harry Belafonte “Jump in the Line”

The king of Calypso! This may be my all-time favorite song. I truly believe he wrote this song about me (yet we’ve never met). This song brings me to life. My favorite lyric: “Senoras dance has no title/you jump in the saddle hold on to the bridle.” To me he’s saying let rhythm free your body and just dance!

Howlin’ 8.24 @ Ace of Cups (2619 N High St.)


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