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Potential North Market concept in Dublin

Potential North Market concept in Dublin

614now Staff

The nonprofit organization that manages North Market and Crawford Hoying developers are putting their heads together to potentially partner for a market in Dublin’s Bridge Park.

The market would operate similarly to the North Market and be located on the ground floor of the Block D parking garage on Longshore Street between Tuller Ridge and John Shields Parkway.

The garage is slated to open in spring of 2020.

North Market Development Authority executive director Rick Wolfe told This Week News that since they’re located far enough apart, he doesn’t see a Dublin market competing with the North Market.

The cost would come to about $5 million which could be financed by a proposal from Crawford Hoying that would begin by revamping the original Bridge Park development agreement with the city and Crawford Hoying.


Currently, the agreement allows Dublin to receive excess cash flow after Crawford Hoying pays off debt service and establishes funding reserves associated with Bridge Park, reports This Week News.

Crawford Hoying is suggesting that any cash remaining after establishing reserve funding should be allocated towards repaying the bond principal for the Block D garage, associated streets and the construction of the market.

Crawford Hoying is also proposing a sales tax of up to 0.5 percent for businesses within the boundaries of Bridge Park.

While some are concerned about the possible effect a market could have on businesses in the Historic District, others are excited about the potential of the market connecting the east and west sides of the river and the possibility of it bolstering the existing farmers market at Bridge Park.


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