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Chipot-cray: Ohio man continues to break eating record

Chipot-cray: Ohio man continues to break eating record

614now Staff

Quick update here….Our guy Bruce Wayne is still going strong on the daily chipotle grind; 484 days strong to be exact.

01/02/2018: We all set goals for ourselves, right? Perform better at work, live in the moment more, lose weight, etc., etc. But one man—one man from a little town just 90 minutes northwest of Columbus—has gone far beyond the confines of ordinary goals.

Bruce Wayne of Tiffin, Ohio claims to have eaten Chipotle for 426 days in a row. The record was previously held by someone who had eaten at the fast-casual Mexican grill 425 consecutive days.

According to Columbus Business First, Chipotle’s communications director has acknowledged Wayne’s achievement and thinks it bodes well for the chain’s quality of food.

“While this might not be everybody’s New Year’s resolution for 2018, it certainly shows that our menu of real and fresh ingredients offers something for everyone.”

 But the Chipotle Batman isn’t stopping at 426. Continue following him as he eats his way to fame on his Instagram.


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