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National Puppy Day: What you’ll pay in year 1 of dog parenthood

National Puppy Day: What you’ll pay in year 1 of dog parenthood

614now Staff

Happy National Puppy Day! Give your pooch an extra big squeeze today and if you’re sans a furry friend, maybe give an extra thought to changing that.

For a little insight into what you’ll be up against, here’s some info on first-year dog moms/dads:

  • Dogs can cost an average of about $1500 in the first year (PupPal)
    • Food: $595.98
    • Equipment and toys: $418.15
    • Medical bills: $469.56
    • Training school: $69.45
  • Consider ripping up your carpet and laying down linoleum or wood now to save yourself the headache and back pain of constantly scrubbing accident zones
  • Don’t have any children? Perfect! Puppies are the best parenting training while simultaneously acting as the best birth control money can buy. You’ll know whether or not you’re ready for human babies once your pup is raised up—that’s for damn sure.
  • Get ready for your social life to be rocked. Not only will a dog require your physical attention, it’ll be nearly impossible to tear yourself away from their sweet, sweet face.

Here are some precious puppies available for adoption at the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center:

Elara is so silly! This pooch loves to play and is looking for an active home where she can have fun all day long! She can be a little overwhelming for some other dogs, so she needs to meet any potential furry siblings before adoption.
Tater is all puppy! This sweet boy is all energy all the time! He enjoys running, playing, and exploring all he can find! He is very interested in playing with other dogs, and may enjoy having furry friends. Come meet this amazing pooch today!
You’re gonna love Sparky! This social pooch can’t wait to meet you! He loves attention from everyone and loves everyone he meets! He does well with other dogs. Come meet him today!
Remington is a good boy! He’s your typical outgoing coonhound with a sweet personality and outgoing attitude! His tail will always be wagging whenever he is with you, ready for an adventure! He would love to be your exploring buddy and can’t wait to have a home to call his own. He does well with other dogs but should meet any furry friends before adoption.
Brooklyn is a lover! This sweet pooch gives amazing cuddles and loves to be the center of your attention! She is so outgoing and loves everyone she meets! She can be a little unsure of other dogs, and is much more people oriented.
Bella is a sweet, yet timid pup. Bella is a very loving pooch who just wants to be by your side. She hasn’t had many positive experiences with people in her 6 short months, so she is looking for a quiet and loving home where she can learn to feel safe and secure with you. Once she warms up, she is a very playful and energetic puppy. She likes to have fun and likes to play with other dogs.
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