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Travel blog discovers “enchanting bookstore” in German Village

Travel blog discovers “enchanting bookstore” in German Village

614now Staff

It took Only in your State 48 years to discover how awesome The Book Loft of German Village is but hey, better late than never.

“Tucked away in central Ohio’s charming German Village, you’ll find the most enchanting bookstore that’s a seemingly never-ending maze of classic literature, modern day stories and a plethora of knowledge that book lovers only dream of,” they wrote.

The article goes on to rant about the shear size of store—32 rooms spread out across several levels. The labyrinth of rooms (more like nooks and crannies) can be wildly winding so Only in your State suggests studying the map the Book Loft provides on their website.

They refer to the courtyard outside as “unbelievably beautiful” and are thoroughly impressed that the book hub hosts prominent authors.

To read more about what Only in your State had to say about our whimsical bookstore, click here.


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