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#Drink614: 3 beer brunches worth getting out of bed for

#Drink614: 3 beer brunches worth getting out of bed for

Steve Croyle

Here in the 614 we love our craft beers. Even before we had a respectable number of breweries scattered around town, the best craft beers flowed from taps in all but a handful of bars.  We also love that “b” word, oh what is it….ah yes, brunch.

There aren’t too many brunch options at our breweries, but the handful that exist are pretty awesome, with the obvious selection being Wolf’s Ridge. Now, this means you’re going to have to head for the restaurant and not the tap room, but that’s OK. Most people find the brunch menu less daunting in terms of price. It’s fair to say that brunch at Wolf’s Ridge is a “gateway” experience, because once people find out how good the food is, they can’t wait to try dinner.

The menu changes, but a crowd favorite that seems to be the Toad in the Hole. Frying an egg in the middle of some bread isn’t new, but this isn’t what your momma made.  It’s probably because of the grilled brioche, fingerling potatoes, and stout cheese sauce. Applewood smoked bacon helps out as well. The duck melt is also an upscale version of hangover food.  It’s ridiculously satisfying. The chef takes beer into account, and even uses it in many dishes. This is an experience that will demonstrate the versatility of beer.

Lineage has a different approach to brunch, using the 11-2 window on weekends to showcase a few “brunchly” additions to their normal menu. The breakfast hand pie is a simple concept, but meticulous care is taken to ensure everything inside is perfectly cooked. There’s some love in that kitchen.

Seventh Son handles brunch on Sundays from 12-3 courtesy of Challah, chef Catie Randazzo’s  legendary food truck.  The menu changes frequently, but the skill and thoughtfulness does not. Catie doesn’t fool around. It’s best to get to the brewery early, because this is a food truck and supplies are limited. Don’t worry, it’s worth getting out of bed before noon to schlep your ass on over.


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