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Drinking Made Easier: Watershed Launches Survival Guide Cocktail Menu

Drinking Made Easier: Watershed Launches Survival Guide Cocktail Menu

614now Staff

FINALLY! Winter’s hold on Ohio is gone and that means it’s time to break out all the summer necessities: shorts, swimsuits, and special themed cocktails.

Well, the latter mostly applies to Watershed Kitchen & Bar’s new Survival Guide Cocktail menu. Building off the momentum of past themed menus like yearbooks or IKEA instruction manuals, this year’s themed menu will feature drinks inspired by the great outdoors and crisp and warm weather flavors like the Backyard Astronomer. It’s a Four Peel Gin drink with hints of citrus complimented by Gary Nadine’s POG Cordial which is a slightly sweet tropical juice blend of fruits like passionfruit and guava that was inspired by bartender Alex Chien’s experiences in Hawaii.


But the new Survival Guide menu is more than just a list of new drink options at WKB; it helps you decide on your drink of choice based on the flavors you are craving. The helpful key inside the menu shows a detailed map that ranges flavors from crisp and light (indicated with a white circle, much like a walk in the park) to spirit forward drinks (indicated with double black diamond, much like a walk in a park… if the park was an American Ninja Warrior course).

“As always, we want our cocktail menus to be a conversation piece. We watch our guests dig into our menus pointing out all the small details that make them unique, and act as tour guides to make sure they get the cocktail they most thirst for.” said Bar Manager Josh Gandee in a press release.

The Survival Guide will run through spring and summer with more house original cocktails than offered on menus past. 


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