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Kickin’ It Old Skool: Great Lakes Brewing Takes Over Old Skool For CBW

Kickin’ It Old Skool: Great Lakes Brewing Takes Over Old Skool For CBW

614now Staff

Great Lakes Brewing is coming down from Cleveland to hang out at Old Skool tonight and they are busting out some special brews for the occasion that are sure to help you get your buzz on as quickly as possible.

Featuring the Barrel Aged Blackout Stout, you’ll be kicking back a range of brews whose ages date back to 2014 as well as feast on all the beef ribs you can handle. The BABOS isn’t the only beer on tap, but you know, why get anything else when the latest 2018 installment will be available? Just in case you are looking to switch it up throughout the night, here are the 15 different beers filling out the brew list:


  1. 2014 BABOS
  2. 2015 BABOS
  3. 2016 BABOS
  4. 2017 BABOS
  5. 2018 BABOS
  6. 2018 Double Barrel Aged BOS
  7. 2018 Rum BABOS
  8. Blackout Stout
  9. Dark Signal Belgian Quad
  10. Mysterious Ways Doppelbock
  11. Cloud Cutter Ale
  12. Chillwave DIPA
  13. Holy Moses White Ale
  14. Dortmunder Gold Lager
  15. Turntable Pilsner

The event is called a Beer Week Blackout because of the various types of Blackout Stout you can put back, but we’re pretty sure “blackout” has a double meaning here. Be smart. Call an Uber. Take a Lyft. Hail down a cabbie. Take the bus. Call your second cousin twice removed but you still stay in contact via liking each other’s posts on Facebook. Whatever yo do, just don’t drive.

Photo sourced from Old Skool’s event page.


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