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Fox In The Snow Announces Plans To Trot Into New Albany

Fox In The Snow Announces Plans To Trot Into New Albany

614now Staff

Fox in the Snow Café has become a popular coffeeshop here in Columbus and if you’ve ever been there on a Saturday morning, you don’t need us to remind you on how popular it is. You just know because every seat in the entire house is taken and you have to hawk over a cute family of four trying to enjoy their oversized cinnamon roll.

But this is a good problem to have if you are Fox in the Snow. And it’s looking like the good problems like being popular and constantly busy with customers stopping by to grab a quick bite to eat or staying awhile are spreading too.


Fox in the Snow Café decided it was time to let New Albany in on all this baked goods and caffeine fueled beverages fun and according to a press release, Fox in the Snow will be setting up for business at the Market & Main development in New Albany’s town center. The open date for the soon-to-be 2,300 sq. foot café is winter 2018.

At its core, Fox in the Snow is a neighborhood cafe,” said Lauren Culley, co-owner of Fox in the Snow Cafe. “When we were approached about a New Albany location, it seemed like a perfect fit given the strong sense of community that exists there. We’re hoping that the location at Market & Main will put us at the crossroads of that community, not only making us more convenient to our existing customers but also introducing us to more of our neighbors in the New Albany area.”

Fox in the Snow has two other locations in Columbus which are located in the Italian Village and the German Village.


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