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Hai Poké’s hillarious announcement of new location

Hai Poké’s hillarious announcement of new location

614now Staff

After making the announcement to their Facebook followers on April 1, Hai Poké made quick work of opening their newest popup at Polaris Fashion Place.

Owners Mico Cordero and Nile Woodson made a tearful announcement about the new location on April Fool’s day but the only joke was why they were crying.

“I’m just so grateful and so thankful,” a heartfelt Woodson said. “We’re so blessed to have the Hai fam. And, we’re rolling into our next adventure: a beautiful popup at Polaris, which we couldn’t have done without you guys.”

Both men wipe back tears as they divulge their gratitude towards their customers but as the camera zooms out, it shows them cutting onion.

Har har, good one guys.

The Hai Poké Polaris popup is now open in the old Teavana space across from Starbucks and operates everyday beginning at 11am.


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