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#HotFusianTakeover: HCT, FUSIAN roll into one to benefit Pelotonia

#HotFusianTakeover: HCT, FUSIAN roll into one to benefit Pelotonia

614now Staff

Two of Columbus’ fast-casual giants are fusing together for one hot, charitable collaboration.

Hot Chicken Takeover (HCT) and FUSIAN are releasing a collaborative sushi roll to benefit Pelotonia, the grassroots organizations that hosts a bicycle ride to raise money for cancer research.

For every roll purchased, HCT and FUSIAN will donate one dollar to Pelotonia.

The sushi roll contains HCT’s signature Nashville-style hot chicken, coleslaw, pickles, rolled with FUSIAN’s sticky rice and topped with a drizzle of HCT’s House Ranch and a cayenne-infused tempura crunch.


Spice-lovers craving more heat can substitute Holy Ranch.

“We can assure you the chicken is cooked,” jokes FUSIAN co-founder and CEO Zach Weprin. “And we can also assure you the roll is like nothing else you’ve ever tasted before.”

The Hot Fusian Takeover sushi roll will be available July 23-29 at FUSIAN’s three central Ohio locations: Easton, 4190 Worth Avenue; Clintonville, 4214 N. High Street; Grandview, 855 W. 5th Avenue

It will also be available for online orders only on Sunday, July 22 through FUSIAN’s website and mobile app.

“At HCT we love community and we love collaboration,” shares Hot Chicken Takeover CEO and Founder, Joe DeLoss. “And we especially like it when those two things combine to create impact.”

Community members are encouraged to share photos using #HotFusianTakeover


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