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Pizza, chicken authorities team up for BOGO charity event

Pizza, chicken authorities team up for BOGO charity event

614now Staff

Columbus’ pizza authority and chicken authority are teaming up for a program to feed the neighborhood.

Between December 21-31 customers can donate $5 or more at any Mikey’s Late Night Slice or Hot Chicken Takeover to Food Rescue US, a national organization that engages volunteers to transfer fresh, usable, excess food from grocers, restaurants, and other sources to hungry families in Central Ohio and throughout the US.

Your $5 could contribute as many as 55 rescued meals to your Columbus neighbors in need this holiday season.

In return, customers will receive a voucher for a buy one, get one free HCT meal or LNS slice.


They call this the Pay it Forward campaign.

“When you donate through the Pay it Forward program this holiday season, you’ll prevent fresh food from ending up in the trash while making sure more families have access to a healthy meal,” shares Christina Knudsen, Development Director for Food Rescue US.

Since 2011, Food Rescue US has delivered over 4 million meals to Central Ohio residents and has saved more than 6 million pounds of food from area landfills.

Click here to read more about the Pay it Forward campaign.

*This campaign excludes the Promowest venues of LNS.


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