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Pour ‘Em Up: 10 Beers You Gotta Try During Craft Beer Week

Pour ‘Em Up: 10 Beers You Gotta Try During Craft Beer Week

614now Staff

While we will take an excuse to crack open a cold craft beer, sometimes we still need a little direction. Walking through that beer cooler at Kroger is both exciting and overwhelming so just imagine making your way through Craft Beer Week when there’s 55 different local brewers dishing out some of the best booze and bubbly in the state on May 12 at Huntington Park.

We’re taking some of the stress out of your decision making process with this list. It wasn’t an easy job, but someone had to try these beers. We’re just doing it for the sake of journalism… or something like that.

1.) Yellow Springs Brewery Boat Show IPA

Citrusy. Creamy. Easy to gulp down. You can’t really ask for much more than that when it comes to a beer. It’s the IPA that even IPA haters can get behind.

2.) Platform Beer Co.’s Bucket of Gloves Hazy IPA

We have a theory that the hazier your IPA is, the better it’ll taste. Don’t believe us? Keep drinking hazy IPAs and find one that’ll prove us wrong.

3.) Jackie O’s RazzWheat

Whether you’re with your significant other who absolutely despises beer (why are you two still together???) or hanging with one of your friends that is a newbie to the beer game, Jackie O’s RazzWheat is the perfect beer whose flavor toes the line between being a craft beer and a mead.

4.) Barley’s Brewing Company Blood Thirst Wheat

Maybe you think blood oranges are just another fad coming out of California, and maybe you’re right. But that doesn’t make this Blood Thirst Wheat any less delicious. Try one and tell us you aren’t running back for refills.

5.) Rhinegeist Press Tart

Hey, beer hipsters. Here’s that sour beer you’ve been searching for on the menu. Make sure you take a nice photo of it on portrait mode before you post it up to your Instagram story.


6.) Fat Head’s Brewery Bumble Berry

We want this summery beer and we want it by the damn growler full.

7.) Lineage Brewing Midnight Sickle: Russian Imperial Stout

Don’t let that warm weather scare you away from putting down a heavy beer. It’ll kind of be like drinking a milkshake—a really thick, dark, and boozy Russian milkshake.

8.) Four String Brewing Co. Confluence IPA

The beer was made in honor of this year’s CBW in collaboration with a few other local brewers as well. If it was made especially for a week dedicated to beer, you know it’s gonna be good. (It’s also a hazy IPA which only further proves our point from earlier…)

9.) Mad Tree Brewing Co. 2018 Bourbon Barrel-Aged Axis Mundi American Super Stout w/ Coffee+Vanilla

I got drunk just saying the beer’s name three times fast.

10.) Columbus Brewing Co. Bodhi

Is it BOH-DEE? Or BOH-DI? I don’t know either. I just want another one.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly spelled the Columbus Brewing Company beer as “bohdi.” The proper spelling is “Bodhi.”


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