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Preston’s burgers getting a new joint

Preston’s burgers getting a new joint

614now Staff

The popular pop-up burger restaurant, Preston’s: A Burger Joint, is relocating.

Matt Heaggans, former chef at The Rossi, Flatiron Bar and Diner, and Swoop Food Truck; and Catie Randazzo, chef at Challah are taking Preston’s to Woodlands Backyard at 668 Grandview Avenue. 

The beef for Preston’s acclaimed smash burgers are sourced locally from The Butcher & Grocer and are topped with fresh American cheese, house pickles, red onion, iceburg lettuce, secret sauce, and a toasted roll.

 “We want to be Columbus’s In-N-Out, Columbus’s Shake Shack,” Heaggans said in a release.

Preston’s, named after Heaggans paternal grandfather, made its debut in July 2017 as the Ambrose and Eve Burger Shack at Three Sheets bar. 

The Three Sheets location will remain open through April 8 with plans to open the Woodlands Backyard location later in April.

Heaggans and Randazzo believe they’ll have better access to their guests at Woodlands Backyard and will be able to provide a better restaurant atmosphere.

And nothing tastes better after a hard-played sand volleyball game than a nice, fresh, juicy, local burger, right?


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