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Teachers Treat Yo Self To Some BOGO Piada This Week

Teachers Treat Yo Self To Some BOGO Piada This Week

614now Staff

Teachers just don’t get enough love for what they go through. From spending money out of their pockets to help decorate a classroom to putting up with little Bobby J.R.’s bull shit because he’s kind of a hellion outside of mom and dad’s watch, it seems like teachers could use a small token of appreciation from time-to-time.


Piada hears your call outs, teachers, and while they can’t help make arts and crafts supplies cheaper or make Bobby J.R. understand his actions have consequences (just wait till parent/teacher conferences, little Bobby, we’ll see who’s laughing then…), they are offering a BOGO deal to any educators for their Teacher Appreciation Week running from May 7 to 11—all you need is your valid faculty ID!

The BOGO coincides with Piada’s launching of its new Spring and Summer menu which features summer flair foods like sweet corn, strawberries, avocado, and tomatoes. Sure, you could go grab a BOGO and have a leftover bowl of delicious for dinner, but tell me it wouldn’t be so much more freeing to split the cost of one BOGO with a co-worker and vent your lunch break away about Bobby J.R. off your chest? On the other hand, being torn between new menu options like the Summer Power Bowl—quinoa topped with sweet corn, broccoli, chick peas, pickled onions, and tomatoes—and the Summer Avocado Piada seems like a pretty likely scenario so maybe you should use the BOGO to get both, just to be safe.

Check out the new menu options plus the new menu below!


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