Unlikely Umami: Esquire praises flavor profiles at VASO Dublin

614now Staff

Popcorn and Halibut Ceviche? In a wine glass?

You may be thinking…

But, Esquire thinks Executive Chef David Belknap of VASO at AC Hotel Columbus Dublin and the mastermind behind the dish can change your mind.

Writer  says Belknap’s experimental pairings are a challenges he likes to take on.

“It’s how he developed some of his most off the wall creations, including this one: a popcorn and ceviche dish that is somehow perfectly spicy, sweet, savory, and a little sour.”

Belknap first developed his Mexico-inspired popcorn/fish combo at his New York Restaurant, L&W Oyster Co., years ago before closing shop and heading to Dublin.


He’s pursued the daring style of food preparation ever since.

“I try to get four or five flavor profiles in every dish,” Belknap told Esquire.

Those profiles are sweet, salty, sour, spicy, bitter, and Umami (earthy flavor).

Though his dishes are backed by years and years of professional experience, Esquire assures Belknap’s popcorn-topped Halibut Ceviche is easy enough to make at home.

Visit Esquire for the full recipe. 


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