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Fall 2018

Fall 2018


Boy do we love our burgers. From cheap and quick to gourmet, fancy-pants $20 hunks of greasy ground goodness. It seems new burger joints are opening weekly so we decided it was time to take a closer look – close enough to get grease on our chin and cheese in our beard. Enjoy the journey of this season’s Stock & Barrel…

  • Brew Dog: a new stay-away-from-home
  • Keeping the Tiki flames alive
  • Craft class: the future of 3 local brewers
  • App Hop: high falutin’
  • Matt Miner lands produce biz in North Market
  • Whole hog: bacon and education
  • Blue collar burgers 101
  • White Castle in the Sky
  • The little Clintonville Corner that could
  • What’s new and hopping this season

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