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Update: First look at Columbus Zoo’s new “Adventure Cove”

Update: First look at Columbus Zoo’s new “Adventure Cove”

Mike Thomas

UPDATE: The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has shared new renderings of its highly-anticipated Adventure Cove region to Facebook. The gallery of images provides a virtual tour of what guests can expect once the area is completed.

Check out this post from the zoo for the latest on this exciting, one-of-a-kind experience:



10/02/2019: This morning, workers at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium placed the final segment of the 60-foot-long, state-of-the-art acrylic viewing tunnel in Adventure Cove, the Zoo’s newest region.

The tunnel will offer a 360° underwater viewing experience that is unlike anything seen before. Once completed, patrons will be able to view wildlife in all directions from within the clear tube, offering unparalleled access to sea lions, seals and more.

Construction on Adventure Cove began in October 2018. According to a press release, the design of the new region is inspired by the coastal wharf of San Francisco’s Pier 39, with “the salt-worn storefronts and the bellows of sea lions” awaiting zoo visitors as soon as they enter.

The $40 million, 4.1-acre addition will initially feature California sea lions and harbor seals—species found along the Pacific coastline—and will give guests the opportunity to learn how actions taken right here in Central Ohio can make a direct impact in protecting these species’ ocean home.

Check out adventure cove, the Zoo’s newest region since Heart of Africa debuted in 2014, when it opens in spring 2020.


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