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Spooktober: 12 ways to get your scare on in Columbus this month

Spooktober: 12 ways to get your scare on in Columbus this month

Mitch Hooper

We know you’re just as excited as us for October to kick off—we’ve seen your Facebook and Instagram posts. Alas, the spooky month is finally upon us and we’ll be damned if we miss a minute of it. Here is an extensive look at the events, screenings, and haunted houses going down this Halloween.

10.11-10.12 | HIGHBALL HALLOWEEN | High St. and the Greater Columbus Convention Center | $10-$150

Photo: Alison Colvin & The Short North Alliance

Extravagant, elevated, and eye-grabbing; HighBall Halloween is back in the Short North. This year will also take place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center where runway fashion will be on full display. Come one, come all—and remember at HighBall, you are what you wear.

10.13-10.20 NINA WEST’S HEELS OF HORROR XII | Axis Nightclub | $15-$50

Axis Nightclub is ready for action in the Halloween season as Heels Of Horror will star Nina and Virgina West in addition to performances by Barbie Roberts, Roxy Nikole, Shawty West, Emily Karn, and more.

10.17-10.20, 10.24-27 PUMPKIN NIGHTS | Franklin Park Conservatory | $11
Explore the Franklin Park Conservatory under the stars as glowing pumpkins light your way.

0.25 HAUNTED FEST | Ohio Expo Center | $50-$85

Photo: Tyler Church

This year’s headliners include Rezz and RL GRIMES as well as perform- ances from Dombresky, YOUNG BOMBS, Beach Boys, Mitch James, and Reckless.


James A. Willis has had an affinity with the spooky and scary, and he’s coming to the Thurber House to share his stories. From UFOs in Ohio to an explanation to what truly happened between James Thurber and an alleged ghost sighting at the Thurber House, this event is sure to send a few chills down your spine.

10.30 (-11.2) TRAUMA FETISH FEST | The Bluestone | $20-$25

Photo: David Heasley

The annual fetish and freak show festival is back, and it’s not for the light of heart. From realistic body paintings, bondage, and aerial acts suspended by hooks in their skin, TRAUMA celebrates all things irregular. Just remember consent is key at this event, so don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with, and don’t make anyone uncomfortable.


THE 13TH FLOOR HAUNTED HOUSE |2605 Northland Plaza Dr. | $19.99

Scary clowns? Check. Strobe lights and fog machines? Check, and check. Freakish zombies? Yup, they’ve got it all. Stop out at the 13th Floor Haunted House to have all your worst nightmares come to life. ‘Tis the season, right?

CARNAGE HAUNTED HOUSE |1160 Alum Creek Dr., Suite B | $20

Photo: Ethan Clewell

If you’re looking for a haunted house, Carnage Haunted House is here to help and they have plenty of options. This spot makes sure to hit on everyone’s fears as it offers 30 haunted rooms earning it the No. 1 scariest spot in Ohio by The Scare Factor Review. Anyone under 16 will need a supervising adult, and if we’re being honest, everyone should bring a friend or some sort of supervision to be safe.

BRIMSTONE HAUNT | 472 Brimstone Rd. | $8-$27

At Brimstone Haunt, there are three ways to get your scare on. First is the Brimstone Haunted Hayride where you’ll take a tour through a once friendly-farm that is now inhabited by eerie stories and creepy curses. Next is the Forgotten Forest, a chance to hike through a mysterious woods in hopes of finding answers to some of the odd events that have occurred. And the final option is Psychosis, a dark and secluded maze where every turn can make you regret your decision. Either fight your way through, or succumb to the pressure.

ESCAPE FROM BLOOD PRISON | 100 Reformatory Rd. | $25-$45

It’s no secret that the Mansfield Reformatory is a creepy-ass place on its own, but at the end of October, it’s going to get creepier. Here, you’ll have to make your way through the prison after authorities deemed it a lost cause due to the deranged and brutal criminals who took it over. What’s the worst that can happen? Unfortunately, there’s only one way to find out.

10.12 SHOCK AROUND THE CLOCK: 24-HOUR HORROR MARATHON | The Drexel Theater | $45-$50

Keep your coffee close by as you make your way through 24-hours of scary movie screenings and horror-themed conversations. This year’s special guest is Michael Gornick who is responsible for horror classics such as Creepshow, Dawn Of The Dead, and Day Of The Dead. Do you have it in you to make it through 24 hours, or are you too scared?

10.24 NIGHTMARE FILM FESTIVAL | Gateway Film Center | $12-$149

Nightmare Film Festival is just as much a chance to watch classic horror movies as it is to meet others who love them as well. Revel in all of your scary favorite movies, chat it up with the experts, and celebrate all things spooky to end your Halloween adventures.


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