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Support local: 5 kick-ass Columbus Kickstarters

Support local: 5 kick-ass Columbus Kickstarters

Mike Thomas

We all know Kickstarter is an awesome resource to help people bring their projects to life through the power of crowdfunding. But, did you know that at any given time there are thousands of projects awaiting funding from creators in our own city?

Here are five of the most remarkable Columbus-based projects on Kickstarter today. Give them a look, and if you’re up to it, kick in a buck or two to help make a local creator’s dream come true!

Queer Sky – LGBTQIA+ Hard Enamel Pin Collection
Show your pride with this collection of hard enamel pins from Columbus artist XXXX celebrating LGBTQIA+ pride, inspired by the moon and stars.

The most beautiful construction set in the world
These exclusive mechanical models are made of shiny, shiny metal. Like an erector set on steroids – if it was designed by Howard Hughes.


Once Upon a Frying Pan
This digital comic from Columbus comic artist Brett Wood (Silver Bullet, The Devil Dealers) features a frying pan-weilding hero with a paper bag over his head doing battle with anthropomorphic foodstuffs. You have our attention!

This “immersive first-person experience with a focus on interactive exploration” from a Columbus-based designer could be the next Minecraft – if it reaches its funding goal!

Like, Comment and Subscribe (movie)
I initially had reservations about including local film fest alum Jacob Gregor’s fundraiser for a low-budget movie on this list. Then I watched the project’s hilariously cringey and bizarre Kickstarter video, and I was immediately sold.


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