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4 cork poppin’ ways to celebrate National Red Wine Day

4 cork poppin’ ways to celebrate National Red Wine Day

Mike Thomas

August 28: the date set aside each year to celebrate that ancient, tooth-staining delight known as red wine.

While I’m no sommelier, I must admit a personal fondness for the stuff (get me around a box of Franzia and I’m trouble). For those 21+ who appreciate the finer things in life, National Red Wine Day is the perfect occasion to thank vino for everything it has given us. Take this classic viral incident for example:

Apologies to the grape stomp lady. I hope you’re OK, wherever you are.

In honor of this momentous occasion, here are four ideas to help get your cork poppin’ in the 614. Put the sixth track of UB40’s classic album “Labour of Love” on repeat and peruse these tips at your leisure.

Consult an Expert

Looking to expand your horizons beyond the grocery store brands? A&R creative group Beverage Director Collin Minnis and his team at The Market Italian Village are here to help. Check out 614’s interview with Minnis to kick start your wine odyssey.

Minnis gets his pour on. (Photo: Brian Kaiser)

Consider the source

While Columbus is known as a craft beer town, there are more than enough local wineries (nine, last time we checked) to make your own Central Ohio vineyard tour. Just try to keep your composure—those glasses add up faster than you’d think. Don’t let this be you:

The incomparable Paul Giamatti chugging from the spit bowl in a scene from Sideways

The Perfect Pairing

Chocolate and wine are a match made in heaven. Throw coffee into the mix and you’re really cooking with gas. If the potential combinations of these decadent delights already have your wheels turning, check out Winans Chocolates+Coffees+Wine at Grandview Yard. With 1,600 square feet of premium handmade chocolates, a variety of coffee choices, and a selection of 50 to 60 wines available by the glass or bottle, Winans is sure to please.

The People Have Spoken

In 614’s annual Columbest voting, Cooper’s Hawk in Easton held down the #1 spot once again in the “Best Wine Selection” category. Check them out for yourself and see what makes Cooper’s Hawk the go-to for those hard-to-find reds and whites—4,139 Columbest voters can’t be wrong.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate National Red Wine Day? Let us know in the comments.


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