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5 of Columbus’ greasiest, guiltiest, most glorious dishes

5 of Columbus’ greasiest, guiltiest, most glorious dishes

Mike Thomas

When food is described as “greasy,” it’s usually not meant as a compliment—but maybe it should be. Fats and oils are on the dang food pyramid right along with veggies and the rest, and trendy diets like Keto have people rethinking the place of fatty food in a healthy diet. Ask any chef—fat, and by extension, grease, is flavor. It’s all about balance.

I’m not telling you to guzzle rendered bacon fat by the cupful. All I’m saying is grease is an underrated and misunderstood component of many foods we know and love, from brownies to fish ‘n’ chips and beyond.

Much-maligned as grease may be, someone must see it my way, as today is National Greasy Food Day. In the spirit of celebrating all things fatty and delicious, here are five of the top greasy delights from menus throughout Columbus.

Melt | The Dude Abides

Melt has no shame in their game when it comes to piling on the calories, and neither should you! From Melt’s deep-fried appetizers to its towering grilled cheeses, there’s really no wrong choice—but may we suggest a very special sandwich called “The Dude Abides.” With homemade meatballs, fried mozzarella wedges, and tons of provolone, this is one sandwich that simply exudes dudeness. But that’s just like, my opinion, man.

Roosters | Dumpster Fries

From the name “Dumpster Fries,” it’s clear that Rooster’s has a sense of humor—and they’re not shy about piling toppings onto carbs, either. With bacon, cheese, and special sauce loaded onto crisp curly fries (or wedges, tots, or chips, if you prefer) this go-to appetizer at the fun casual joint is a meal unto itself.


Hot Chicken Takeover | Anything

Fried chicken is one of the best examples of grease’s power to create amazing flavor. Nashville style chicken takes this truth to the next level, applying a spicy coating of heat-infused oil directly onto the crispy, juicy bird we know and love. In Central Ohio, diners need look no further than Hot Chicken Takeover for a finger-lickin’ fix that’s sure to please.

Mikey’s Late Night Slice | Cheesus Crust

For a decadent pizza experience that pushes the limits of taste in more ways than one, look no further than the Cheesus Crust at Mikey’s Late Night Slice. Any two slices of Miley’s ‘za joined together in unholy matrimony by melted American cheese? Nothing short of sacrilicious.

Hangover Easy | Take your pick

Rounding out our exploration of all things good and greasy is the ultimate hangover cure from the experts in the field, Hangover Easy. With menu items like “Struggling to Get Up” (pancakes) or the “Make your Bed” omelet, Hangover Easy puts grease to work in curing what ails you.

What’s your go-to greasy spoon favorite? Let us know in the comments.


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