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5 of the coolest coffeeshops to hang out

5 of the coolest coffeeshops to hang out

Mitch Hooper

Finding a spot to secure for a morning or afternoon at a coffeeshop is a tricky situation. At some places, it’s the struggle for a table forcing seat vultures to lurk over shoulders waiting to swoop in at a moment’s notice. You’re lucky to snag a seat, and you’re rushing to get out so someone else can rinse and repeat the process.

And other places, it’s simply just a coffeeshop. It may be your favorite corporate chain just down the road, or it’s the Golden Arches of McDonald’s right across the street from your office. Your options at these places are limited, and are more liquid energy than a delicious beverage.

So what is a Columbusite to do when the caffeine cravings are kicking, but the lines are long at the trendy spot, and the Golden Arches just don’t seem to have that glow? Well, my fiending friends, you’ve came to the right place. (614)now lives by the black elixir, and we’ve kept it near by as we did our research. Here are five spots in the city to get your cup of joe, plus enjoy the atmosphere of the coffeeshop.

Upper Cup Coffee Company | 79 Parsons Ave.

A consistent favorite around the office as it’s right around the corner, Upper Cup Coffee Company is a cozy set up on Parsons Ave. featuring coffee beans from all around the world, and plenty of variations for your blends. There’s comfortable seating around the bar as well as at the bar, and the walls are full of local art for sale. It’s warm and inviting here with the large windows allowing natural light, and the staff is as delightful as can be.

Blank Slate Coffee | 152 Mill St. #1

Whoever said coffeeshops had to be a brick-and-mortar location must’ve forgot to relay the message to Blank Slate Coffee, but you won’t hear a single complaint from us. Instead of a coffeeshop, you’ll be ordering from a large silver Airstream in the parking lot of The Car Wash in Gahanna. This spot is great for being outdoors in the summer while still enjoying your drink, or you can hide away from the sun in The Hart Room art gallery when it’s open.


Olentangy River Brewing Company | 303 Green Meadows Dr. South

“A brewery? In a coffee story? 614now is surely back on their bull shit.” — you right now, maybe?

Nevertheless, Olentangy River Brewing Company offers more than craft beers. Monday through Friday, ORBC is open at 7 a.m., and they aren’t serving beer to early risers (*as far as we know). In the mornings and throughout the day, Roosevelt Coffee is served here as well as vegan pastries from Patty Cake Bakery. The large and warm set up of ORBC is perfect for any quiet morning with coffee, or a busy afternoon of playing catch up on emails. Plus, you know, the beer is available if those afternoon emails turn into evening drinks.

Red Velvet Cafe | 246 S Fourth St.

If you’re looking for a new coffee experience, Red Velvet Cafe is your chance to try some speciality international coffees. The menu features options like the bold and strong Turkish coffee, or the sweet and cold Vietnamese coffee. The bench seats along with the high tops offer plenty of options for you to set up shop, and the food menu ranges from cupcakes to Sriracha avocado grilled paninis.

Global Gallery Coffee Shop | 3535 N High St.

Part coffee shop, part art gallery, the Global Gallery Coffee Shop offers a large space to hang out at. Whether you’re on the patio sipping on a Thunderkiss cold brew coffee, or trying the nitro cold brew from Ramble Coffee, there’s plenty of options. Additionally, the handcrafted art and products in the store are available to purchase.


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