Bowled over: Satori Ramen Bar opens in North Market this weekend

Mike Thomas

Belly up to the bar, noodle heads. North Market’s newest merchant, Satori Ramen Bar, will open to the public this Sunday, June 30th.

Satori’s twelve-seat bar will allow patrons to see the action up close and personal before enjoying authentic ramen noodle dishes, rice-based entrees and a variety of small plates.

In addition to eat-in and ready-to-eat take out, Satori Ramen Bar will offer “finish at home” kits with broth, toppings and uncooked fresh noodles, packaged separately, so customers can serve fresh ramen to friends and family in the comfort of home, without compromising the ramen texture and flavor profile.


Satori’s founder and head chef, Seigo Nishimura, was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. He was Chef-trained in traditional Japanese culinary techniques and has worked in a Michelin-star rated restaurant in New York’s East Village. Nishimura is also a graduate of the Tokyo Sushi Academy.

Chef Nishimura

“Seigo’s start-up concept has arrived at the Market and we are excited for guests to experience the authentic, old world offerings of Satori Ramen Bar,” Rick Harrison Wolfe, North Market’s Executive Director, said in a statement. “We are beyond thrilled to welcome the new addition to our ‘best-in-class’ culinary community.”

You can be among the first to slurp the city’s latest noodle this Sunday, when Satori Ramen bar opens to a ravenous public. For more info, visit


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