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Drink 614: Build the ultimate Columbus six pack

Drink 614: Build the ultimate Columbus six pack

Mike Thomas

It’s been awhile since we first picked our choices for the six best beers the city has to offer. Since our first go, the number of great brews (and breweries themselves, for that matter) available in Columbus have exploded.

The rules of the game remain the same: put together a six pack of the beers you think best represent Columbus. The beers have to be brewed in the greater Columbus area, and they have to be regularly available, although not necessarily in bottles or cans.

Needless to say, limiting yourself to just six in a city with so much great beer is an almost impossible task. Nevertheless, here are our latest picks for the best six suds available right NOW:

Columbus Brewing Co. Bodhi
The king of IBU’s in the 614 wasn’t available year-round last time we played this game, but is now eligible thanks to increased production from Eric Bean and the wizards at CBC. Thanks for giving the people what they want!

Antiques on High Copacetic
The sour trend is in full effect, and with beers like this we’re confident it’s here to stay. While it may not be for everyone, Copacetic from Antiques on High is an awesome entry point for those looking to expand their palate beyond the usual hoppy suspects.

Land Grant Greenskeeper
This may be viewed as a “safe” pick, but sometimes you just need a go-to, crushable beer on these steamy summer afternoons. Kick back with a Greenskeeper Land Grant’s poppin’ party patio, and enjoy some refreshment from this Columbus staple.


Hoof Hearted Musk of the Minotaur
Any beer roundup would be seriously lacking without representation from one of those ever-popular, super dank, opaque creations known as “New England-style” IPAs. For our six-pack, we go straight to the local source for all things hazy with Hoof Hearted’s Musk of the Minotaur IPA.

Seventh Son Stone Fort
Just can’t take the bitter punch of IPA? Columbus craft brew still has plenty to offer. Take this oat brown ale from Seventh Son, which packs in plenty of complex nutty flavor without giving your tastebuds a beating.

Parsons North American Stout
Rounding out the ultimate Columbus six pack is the American Stout from Parsons North. Is it available Year-round? Probably, maybe? Even if not, we can bend the rules just this once to give malt-heads the balanced, chocolatey brew they deserve from this respected upstart brewery.

Now it’s your turn to tell us the six beers you’d include in your ultimate Columbus six pack. Keep it civil, and have some fun with it—cheers!


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