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Food & Wine can’t get enough of these Columbus establishments

Food & Wine can’t get enough of these Columbus establishments

Mike Thomas

First, Food & Wine published an article honoring the creativity of Service Bar Chef Avishar Barua. Next, our city scored a spot on the publication’s “32 Places to Go and Eat in 2019” list. With a new article posted this week, Food & Wine has once again honored the hard work of Columbus chefs in elevating the city’s restaurant scene.

In a piece highlighting the efforts of Watershed chef de cuisine Jack Moore and Service Bar executive chef Barua, Food & Wine’s Andrew Parks discusses how the Columbus distilleries have earned a place among the city’s top dining destinations.

“In a lot of ways, Watershed’s success is a reflection of how Columbus has reimagined itself in recent years, with the city’s immigrant-powered restaurants getting the attention they deserve…and more chefs taking bigger risks,” says Parks.


In his handling of chef Barua, Parks again points to the creative interplay of cultural influences that makes Service Bar’s menu unique:

“Barua’s menu is a deeply personal, and undoubtedly fun, mix of his Columbus upbringing and the Bangladeshi dishes his family cooked when he was a kid. This is why some of his best sellers read like fine-dining renditions of fast food or takeout.”

While the amazing experiences available at Watershed and Service Bar are no secret in Columbus, it’s always good to see our hometown heroes get the recognition they deserve in a national publication. Way to go, chefs!

Check out the full article from Food & Wine here.


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