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Harvest Grandview closes, “something great” to replace it

Harvest Grandview closes, “something great” to replace it

614now Staff

Harvest Pizzeria has closed its Grandview Heights location after opening just last summer. But wait, there’s more…

In an Instagram post, Harvest announced the Grandview restaurant at 1099 W 1st Ave would be closing to remodel and regroup.

“Today we closed the doors at Harvest Tavern & Pizzeria in Grandview to remodel and make way for something new and exciting. Keep your eyes peeled, Columbus @thebutcherandgrocer.”

About a year ago, before Harvest Grandview opened, Chris Crader, CEO of Grow Restaurants which owns Harvest, announced a blossoming partnership with the local business a few doors down, The Butcher & Grocer. The whole-animal butcher shop and specialty grocery store opened at 1089 W. First Ave. in 2016


The idea was for Harvest to use specialty meats from Butcher & Grocer and act as a test kitchen of sorts.

Earlier this week, Crader admitted to Columbus Underground that the space was not big enough to pull off the joint concept. He added that Harvest is selling their interest to Butcher & Grocer and that they have plans for “something great for the space.”

We apologize for leaving you with a cliffhanger, but that is all the information we have at this time. Stay tuned for updates!


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