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Return of the Mac…& Cheese Trail

Return of the Mac…& Cheese Trail

Mike Thomas

It’s been a minute, but you know we couldn’t steer clear of all that cheesy, noodly goodness forever. Join us for the latest installment of the the 614NOW Mac & Cheese Trail, where we dig in to the best mac & cheese the city has to offer.

B&K Smokehouse

1114 E Main St

When it comes to great mac & cheese, simpler can sometimes mean better. You can mix it up with spices, top with toasted breadcrumbs, garnish with green onion – if the cheese and noodles aren’t on point, it’s all for nothing.

Located just south of Old Town East, B&K smokehouse is a classic neighborhood spot that offers an equally classic take on BBQ’s favorite side dish. No bells and whistles here – just honest, killer mac – served in an unpretentious styrofoam container – that satisfies the way it should.

Simply delicious.

For the uninitiated, B&K serves up some of the best BBQ in the city (if not the unequivocal best). Their house-smoked brisket and pork and lineup of signature sauces set a high bar that only a truly great side can match – and their mac is more than fit to the challenge.


If you’re well-versed in the traditions of family barbecue, you already know the excitement that mounts when you see your aunt pull up with that shining silver aluminum pan. No cookout is complete without the melted, caramelized goodness of a casserole-style mac & cheese bake. If you’ve never elbowed past a cousin for the last corner chunk of hardened cheesy crust, I really can’t relate to you.

B&K’s mac is the mac & cheese of your summer cookout dreams. The soft molten core strikes the perfect balance with the oven-baked outer shell of caramelized cheese. Meanwhile, the noodles are awash in a layer of oil, keeping the whole affair from approaching anything resembling dryness while also providing the lubrication needed to shovel it in your face that much faster.

You owe it to yourself to experience B&K’s mac – at a respectable $2.50, this side is one of the greatest values-per-bite in town.

The Verdict: Five out of Five stars


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