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Moscow Tools: Booze, DIY collide for new Franklinton concept

Moscow Tools: Booze, DIY collide for new Franklinton concept

Mike Thomas

If you’re the kind of person who never knows what to do with your hands while at the bar, have we got news for you.

A new concept called Makers Social from Studio 614 Owner Megan Pando is set to open in Franklinton’s River and Rich development in winter of 2019.

Combining “unique DIY crafting” with a full service cocktail bar, Makers Social aims to stimulate the senses with a 70s Pop Art inspired interior, curated menu of craft cocktails, and unique DIY projects for patrons to tackle while they drink.

Guests will select a project from Maker’s specially curated menu of over 30 different DIY projects, which range in difficulty levels appropriate for the experienced crafter to the curious novice. Once a project is chosen, guests will seat themselves at solid wood workbenches equipped with detailed project instructions, tools, and supplies.


Crafty drinkers can take on everything from wooden beer caddies and engraved metal luggage tags to hand-stitching leather wallets and beaded jewelry, all fueled by such craft-themed cocktails as Screwdrivers and Moscow Tools.

“That feeling of accomplishment after I complete a new project is the type of achievement I live for!” explained Pando via a prepared statement. “Many folks have never experienced that feeling apart from building new IKEA furniture…which let’s be honest, isn’t always an enjoyable process. These projects are functional items for everyday use, accessories you’ll want to rock, and customizable household decor your friends will ask about.”

Makers Social is currently under construction and is anticipating a grand opening in early November.

To learn more and to sign up for an invite to their grand opening, visit


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