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Hobbies 101: Feel transformed, transported with language learning

Hobbies 101: Feel transformed, transported with language learning

Laura Dachenbach

So, you made it through your high school (and maybe college) foreign language requirement. So, perhaps you never visited France or Germany or Mexico or took a job in China. You were probably thinking of a language as a job skill back then.

But, believe me when I say that economic reasons should be very low on your list when you consider studying a foreign language. The cognitive benefits of language study include an increased attention span, better memory, better decision-making skills, and staving off dementia. That’s all good and well.

But mostly, you should study a language for your own, totally self-indulgent reasons. For awareness. For human contact. For more beauty in your life. If you don’t believe me, read Eat, Pray, Love


Words are beautiful. They’re like clothes. You should try on a few different kinds and feel transformed. Or maybe transported.

The world of language learning is changing. With the increase in online learning services, your Japanese tutor doesn’t have to be from Central Ohio. or are cyberhubs to connect you with tutors of (almost) any language you’d like to study.

For a more traditional classroom approach, visit Ohio German Language School, Italia in Ohio, or Columbus State’s Language Institute

If you are searching for language maintenance or camaraderie, the Language and Culture section of Columbus Meetup can match you with German, French, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, or Italian-speaking groups. 

C’est tout maintenant. Enjoy your linguistic adventures.


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