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Locals not going with the tow, suing Shamrock for illegal practices

Locals not going with the tow, suing Shamrock for illegal practices

Mike Thomas

You come back to your parking spot after a night out on the town, only to find your car is missing. Your mind begins to race. Could it have been stolen? Then you notice the sign: tow away zone.

Sometimes, getting towed is merely the price you pay for your own lack of awareness. In other situations, towing can seem downright predatory. According to two Pickering residents who have filed a lawsuit against a local towing company, the practice might even be illegal.

The two plaintiffs filed a class action lawsuit against Westerville-based Shamrock Towing in Franklin County Common Pleas Court this week, claiming the company has illegally towed thousands of vehicles from “private tow-away zone” lots in the last four years.


The lawsuit claims that Shamrock’s “tow away zone” signage does not meet Ohio state laws that regulate towing, and that the “private tow-away zone” signs that Shamrock provides to its customers are illegal.

Under Ohio law, “private tow-away zone” signs must include details on exactly who is allowed to park on a property, or the business name or address of the property to which the lot belongs. The suit alleges that Shamrock’s signs fail to meet these requirements.

If the suit is successful, it is estimated that Shamrock would have to pay upwards of $2.5 million in damages to those who are part of the class action.


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